Why I wrote this book?

I wrote My Lucky Brown Shoes because I wanted to give children a book that encourages them to explore their imagination. Imagination is a powerful thing – once you tap into it. Because I remember when life was simpler, and Kayla reminds me of myself and how much fun I had as a kid. Before the computer, and video games. We had fun and we went outside to play. We played Jaxs, One-Two-Three Red Light, School, and Hide-N-Go-Seek – Just to name a few.

I wrote this book, because while taking a trip down memory lane, I visualized what it would’ve been like to have my own set of magical shoes.

Childhood is fleeting, and I wanted to give kids a book that’ll allow them to be kids for just a little while longer. They grow up so fast.

My Lucky Brown Shoes shows kids the power of believing in themselves, which is needed in these times.


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My Lucky Brown Shoes